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Interpretation is one of the most important elements of the success of global conferences and business meetings, which pushes us to give the utmost care and attention to the selection of interpreters. Qalam has, therefore, a staff of well-known interpreters in the field of interpreting, which gives the customer full confidence that his or her speech will reach the recipient's mind as fully as he or she wants, and that the words of others will reach his or her mind in the full meaning as well.

Work Standards
• Qalam selects its interpreters with high precision and careful attention according to the subject matter of the translation.
• Qalam’s interpreters have been practicing this art for many years.
• Qalam is always keen to use the best audio and technology devices worldwide.
• Listening devices provided by Qalam are small and versatile.
• During the interpretation period, Qalam provides a trained technical support team to professionally deal with any emergency problem and to answer any queries about the use of headphones and audio devices.
• Qalam provides interpretation services in six international languages for 500 guests at the same time and even more, but provided there is early coordination with the possibility for the listener to choose the appropriate language through the audio device.
Types of Interpretation
1. Direct interpretation
2. Sequential translation
3. Telephone interpretation
4. Sign translation; translators for the Deaf
5. Legal and judicial interpretation

Certified Translation

Qalam provides legally certified translation services that are committed to the highest quality standards. Qalam’s translation procedures include several stages of examination and verification by translation experts, in order to ensure that you have a text completely free of language errors, professionally written and accurately reflects the original text.

Work Standards
• We adhere to the generally accepted translation rules and adopt internationally approved quality standards.
• Qalam identifies translators and proofreaders according to the subject matter of the translation.
• The translation process consists of several stages of examination and verification while ensuring that the mother language of the translator or the language of a proofreader is the language to which the text is translated.
• Upon completion of the translation and proofreading of the text, it is sent to the coordination and editing section to select the appropriate printing lines and insert images and graphics in their correct places, so that the Qalam’s customer receives the translated text in the same way as the original file.
• Qalam respects and meets the dates agreed upon with customer.
Matter Subjects of Translation
1. Translation of Documents
2. Business Translation
3. Financial and Accounting Translation
4. Technical and Electronic Translation
5. Literary Translation
6. Medical Translation
7. Legal Translation

Media Translation & Dubbing

Whether you need a translation through dubbing synchronization with lip movement or voiceover of documentaries, all you have to do is to choose the translation language and the sound suitable to convey your message. Qalam’s media translation and dubbing team deals with the best studios equipped with the best and technical audio technologies to ensure the highest quality of voiceover and verbal synchronization.

Types of Media Translation & Dubbing
1. Dubbing synchronization with lip movement
2. Voiceover of documentaries
3. Translation of films and advertisement clips

Translation of Websites

Our website translation team not only translates electronic content, but also provides integrated services to configure the website to be linguistically and culturally relevant to the target group. It works hard with IT experts so that the translated text is linked to the website format. The task of our team ends only when the proofreading team performs a thorough and detailed test on all contents of the website and makes sure it is ready for use.


Whereas attention to detail gives you a sense of perfection, Qalam is keen to provide its customers with high-quality proofreading services for translated texts to ensure language integrity, grammar and spelling, which makes customers satisfied that all their documents and correspondence are free from linguistic and typographical errors, and that they meet the professional position they seek to achieve.

Qalam’s Proofreading Team checks the following errors:
• Typographical errors.
• Spelling errors.
• Grammatical errors.
• Punctuation.

Content Development & Creative Writing

The writing and development of content contributes to the achievement of your strategic objectives directly and effectively not only related to abilities and language skills. Qalam’s methodology in writing and developing content is based on an integrated research in which its competitive advantages, purpose of writing and target group are defined, and weakness and strength of competitors are analyzed. In the light of the research results, we develop language content that can make you more influential and inspiring.

• Writing language content for advertising and marketing campaigns
• Writing and developing language content for websites
• Writing official speeches
• Writing annual reports

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